(Residential Wiring Renovations)

If You’re Looking for New or Upgraded Residential Wiring Licensed and Qualified Honest Electrician Techs do Installations that are Safe per the Canadian Electrical Code

If you’re building a new home or carrying out renovations, Honest Electrician technicians will provide quality workmanship. All our work is done per the Canadian Electrical Code to ensure you can rest worry-free. We’ll install the proper size wiring for the energy demand. Contact us today for a free quote so you can start your project as soon as possible.

Don’t Take Shortcuts – Having a Licensed Electrician Run New Wire is Often Less Expensive in the Long-Term

Unsafe wiring extended through outlet boxes and hidden behind drywall can pose fire risks. The Honest Electrician can properly run new full-length wire and eliminate any worry for clients.It will be done to code and prevent other risks.

The shoddy wiring in these photos show the importance of hiring a skilled and experienced electrician. Dangerous work like this is usually done by either a homeowner who wants to save money or inexperienced and unqualified contractors.

Electrical Junction Boxes Need to be Accessible at all Times. Make Sure your Electrical Lines are Done to Code and Eliminate the Risk of Fire – It’s a Small Price for Your Safety

Unsafe junction boxes hidden behind drywall pose a risk of disconnecting and causing fire. The Canadian Electrical Code requires that junction boxes be accessible at all times. Have a professional electrician do your home and business renovations properly to ensure your safety.

This junction box was inaccessible because it was hidden behind drywall, which is a clear violation of the Canadian Electrical Code. It could have disconnected and caused a devastating fire.

Kitchen Renovations

Improperly Installed Outlets from Inexperienced Electricians During Home Renovations Can Make Your Appliances Useless

When appliances are moved during major renovations, the outlets and wiring need to be considered. Let us help so all outlets including the 220 plugins are safely moved and updated to code, along with the installation of 20-amp GFCIs. Poor connections on junction boxes behind walls create potential fire risks and poor electrical planning can render your major appliances useless.

Don’t Let a Handyman Cause Your Kitchen to Go Up in Smoke — Call a Certified Master Electrician and Keep Your Appliances and People Safe

We’ve all been there. You’re looking to either save a little money or help a handyman friend out with some extra work. But is your kitchen the place you want to be rolling the dice with? The Honest Electrician recently came across this perfect example of why that’s a bad idea. A homeowner who recently hired him had had a family friend replace their kitchen counter plugs. The family friend improperly installed them, causing one side of the outlet to be 240 volts and the other to be 120 volts. 240 volts is dangerously high for any kitchen appliances aside from your stove, and even then the stove is only 220 volts. As a result of the improperly installed counter plugs the homeowner’s toaster caught on fire and their kettle burnt out its heating element. Now out two appliances, the homeowner was also on the hook for the necessary repair work carried out by The Honest Electrician. Let this cautionary tale steer you in the right direction the next time you’re considering using anyone who isn’t a Certified Master Electrician!

Bathroom Wiring

Use Your Hair Dryer, Curling Iron, and Whatever Else All at Once

The Honest Electrician can wire your bathroom so you never have to worry about overloading a circuit and tripping a breaker while getting ready again. By using a Certified Master Electrician to take care of your bathroom electrical needs, you can rest easy knowing the wiring and connections will be safe. The only thing you’ll need to be concerned about is having a good hair day.

Basement Renovations

Planning the Perfect Mancave or Hangout Spot for Your Kids? The Honest Electrician Can Expertly Wire Your Basement to Handle All its Cool New Features

All those antique neon signs for your mancave’s bar deserve to be displayed no matter what your wife says, and The Honest Electrician can make that a reality. Planning on having a home theatre? Or multiple TVs so you never miss a moment of action? The Honest Electrician can plan and execute an electrical setup that brings those dreams to life.

Home Additions

The Honest Electrician Will Help Make Any Addition to Your Home Electrically Sound

The Honest Electrician Will Help Make Any Addition to Your Home Electrically Sound

What good is a new addition to your home if it doesn’t have an efficient and reliable electrical setup? The Honest Electrician will help make sure both of those things are accounted for in any new addition to your home, so you can go about enjoying the space the way you always intended.

Hot Tub Wiring

Hot Tubs Require Special Wiring Because of the Proximity to Water – Enjoy Your Dip Safely

Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix. Hot tub installations should be done by a professional electrician to ensure wiring is done to code for everyone’s safety. Make sure your family and friends can enjoy the new hot tub without risk of electrocution.

Garage Wiring

You’re Building a New Garage or Mancave – Ensure the Wiring Handles the Energy Demand

When building your new garage, consider your heating, the door opening system, the pieces of equipment you plan to use simultaneously, and how the wiring will be connected by overhead or underground wiring from your home. Will you only need 110 volts or 220 for your circular saw or air compressor? Hire a professional electrician to discuss your immediate and future needs to ensure you have the proper panel, wiring type, and circuit requirements.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Just Bought an Electric Vehicle? Have The Honest Electrician Make Sure It Charges Effectively and Efficiently

The Honest Electrician can install an electric vehicle charging station that maximizes your new electric vehicle’s potential. Never worry about being left with a low battery after charging it all night, or having its battery be drained unnecessarily fast again.

Air Conditioning

Keep Your Family Cool and Comfortable with a Dependable Air Conditioning System Set Up by The Honest Electrician

There’s nothing worse than having an air conditioner that doesn’t work smack dab in the middle of a heat wave. The Honest Electrician will make sure that doesn’t happen by expertly setting up your system so its added draw on power doesn’t pose any problems, and its connections are foolproof.

Home Heating Renovations

Various Heating Systems Require Different Wiring Needs for Efficiency – Proper Wiring Saves You Money

If you’re considering a new heater, boiler, or furnace, make sure you have the proper wiring in place to operate the equipment. You may have to upgrade the size of your electrical panel or install a new 200-amp service. Our licensed staff can advise you on the needs for your home or business and help you get the most energy efficient product.

(Electric Panel Upgrades)

Hire Reputable and Certified Professionals to do the Job Right – Your Safety is Important!

Exposed electrical components could pose fire and electrocution risks if the disconnect door had been opened. All electrical equipment requires guards in place before being energized. This old equipment should be replaced with a 100-amp panel. Qualified electricians like The Honest Electrician can protect you and your property with proper installations.

Exposed electrical components like the one in this photo have the potential to cause fires or electrocute people. Would you ever want a child stumbling across this setup?

(Lighting - Repairs)

The Honest Electrician Can Quickly and Affordably Repair Any Lighting Issues You Encounter or Experience

Whether it be a loose connection or a complete failure, The Honest Electrician can quickly and affordably repair any lighting issues you may have. With his expert diagnosis skills The Honest Electrician may even be able to fix your problem over the phone, saving you a lot of money in the process.

(Lighting - Installations)

Choose from a Number of Different Lighting Options and Have Them Expertly Installed by The Honest Electrician

The Honest Electrician has a wide variety of lighting options to choose from and is familiar with even more should you have a specific request. By using dimmers or motion sensors you can cut down on your electricity costs and set things exactly as you want them. Rest easy knowing the lighting in your home was installed by a Certified Master Electrician.

LED Lighting Installations

Jump on the Green Energy Wagon – Reduce Costs with LED Lighting

The Honest Electrician is a certified LED lighting specialist, so we can assess your lighting requirements and offer indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions to reduce your energy costs. For more on LED lighting, visit our Green Energy page.

(Renewable Energy)

PhotovoltaicArray Installation

Use a PV Array to do Grid-Tie – Use Solar Power as the First Resource and Cut Energy Costs

Having a PV Array installed lets you do a grid-tie system. Solar power is used first, then if more energy is required, it is pulled from the hydro grid. We are qualified installers if you want to look at options to reduce energy costs.

Solar Installation

Solar Power Systems Last for Decades and are More Affordable than Ever – Install Solar Panels and Save on Energy Consumption and Cost

Many home owners have converted to this form of energy to save on power bills. Prices for solar energy are now more affordable to install and our qualified and licensed electricians can help with your cost-saving investment.

Wind Turbines

Install Wind Turbines and Harness the Power of Air

The Honest Electrician can help you harness the power of air by installing wind turbines. You’ll cut down on your conventional electricity costs and carbon footprint, and if you combine wind turbines with solar installations you’ll expand your power production.

Renewable Energy Systems

Looking to Go Green for Your Home or Business? Maximize Your Cost Savings

Are you considering a renewable energy system? Let us discuss your electricity needs, whether you want to operate on or off the electrical grid, and what regulations apply to your area. Then we can help you make a well-informed decision about the systems that best suit your needs while maximizing savings.

(Residential Wiring Upgrades/Aluminum Remediation)

The Honest Electrician can do Complete Electrical Upgrades to Replace Aluminum Wiring – Reduce Worry of Expanding and Contracting Wire Faults with Aluminum Remediation

Some insurance companies refuse to insure aluminum wiring that was installed in buildings in the 1970s. Although City of Calgary inspectors deem the wiring safe, you may want to check with an electrician prior to buying or selling your property for insurance purposes.Aluminum wiring shrinks and expands more than copper wiring, and in some cases, the softer wiring works itself loose from the intended connections causing arcing and sparking. We are qualified to dofull upgrades to copper wiring.

Aluminum Wiring is Softer than Copper and can Overheat in Certain Situations – Upgrading to Copper Eliminates Any Worry

Although many inspectors feel that aluminum wiring is safe for use, some indicators of faulty wiring are flickering lights, receptacles and switches hot to the touch, smoke and or sizzling sounds coming from the receptacle or switches, the smell of burning plastic or rubber, loss of power throughout the house, or a circuit breaker trips for no reason. If you experience any of these symptoms, call a qualified electrician immediately for troubleshooting.

(Insurance-Compliant Wiring)

Upgrade your 60-Amp Electrical Panel – Know You Have Fire Insurance on Your Home or Business

If you have a 60-amp panel in your home or business building, make sure you read your insurance policy to confirm they provide coverage. Some insurance companies won’t insure buildings with a 60-amp panel, which means you may not be covered in the event of a fire or other disaster. If you need to upgrade, we can help.

Some Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Aluminum Wiring – Know You’re Protected in Case of Emergency

Some homes and buildings built in the 1970s had aluminum electrical wiring installed. Because aluminum is soft it expands and contracts with the potential to break free from the connections, posing a risk of fire. The Honest Electrician can upgrade your aluminum wiring to copper which eliminates this danger.

(Electric Panel Installation)

Hire Licensed & Insured Electricians to Install your Electrical Panel to Canadian Safety Code – Keeping You Safe from Electrical Fire or Electrocution Risks

The Canadian Electrical Code is a Canadian Safety Standard for electrical work. It has regulations for the installation of breaker panels and other electrical work to ensure your home and business are safe from fire, and any electrocution risks. Always hire qualified electricians to perform this service.

(Electrical Troubleshooting)

Just Because You can use a Hammer and Screwdriver Doesn’t Mean You Should Tackle Electrical Issues. Electricity Kills – Be Safe, Not a Statistic!

When you try to use an outlet, appliance, or piece of equipment and there’s no electricity, there are several scenarios for the problem. It could just be a tripped breaker,but it could also be a potentially dangerous short circuit, loose wire connections, or ground fault condition. Hire the professionals for anything beyond resetting a breaker.

(Emergency Power Systems)

It’s Freezing Rain and the Power Went Off – But Your Critical Equipment is Still Operating

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can provide emergency power to critical equipment such as computers and telecommunications equipment. Our licensed installers can help you determine the power you require, and the proper system to install so you don’t lose valuable information or services.

(Electrical Renovations & Upgrades)

Anyone Can Run Electrical Wire Between Studs and Rafters. It’s the Connections that Count – Be Safe, Not Sorry

If you’re changing from a fuse panel to a new breaker panel, rerouting wiring, upgrading aluminum to copper wire, or any other renovation project we can help. Make sure all your electrical needs are done professionally, to Canadian code, and eliminate the risks and worry. Drilled holes in rafters lessen their strength, while baseboard heaters that are improperly wired can trip breakers leaving your home unheated while you’re away for extended periods. These and any other non-compliant wiring issues put your home and investment at risk.

Multiple Junction Boxes and Circuits Hidden Behind a Wall Pose Numerous Risks – Prevent Overloaded Circuits or Fire by Hiring a Professional

A junction box hidden behind drywall,with several circuits running through one box, can cause an electric overload and potential fire risk. A professional electrician will do renovations to code, so your family or business are safe from electrical disaster.  Call us for a free quote today.

Electricians who install junction boxes like the one above are lazy. They’d rather finish a job fast than finish a job properly, and risk their client’s safety in the process.

(Energy Efficiency Audits)

Honest Electrician can Perform an Energy Efficiency Audit – Find the Energy Guzzlers in Your Home and Save

An assessment of your home or business can potentially result in substantial energy savings. We will complete a detailed report of our findings, including an initial savings estimate. Then you will be on the right track for lower energy consumption, and lower electrical bills.