(New Retail, Office & Restaurant Builds)

The Honest Electrician Has Extensive Experience with Commercial New Builds and Can Set Your Business Up for Success at an Affordable Price

With more than 30 years of combined commercial experience The Honest Electrician should be your first call when planning the setup of your new retail space, office, or restaurant. After all, there’s nothing more important than making sure the electricity for your business is reliable, up to code, and able to handle your demands.

Ensure Your Kitchen Appliances Never Cost You Money in the Form of Lost Business

If you’re a restaurant owner, you know you either make it or break it in the kitchen. Even if you have the best recipe in the world, it’s no good if you can’t use the tools necessary to make it. And if you can’t make food, you can’t make money. The Honest Electrician has worked on numerous new kitchen builds and can set yours up in a way that’s not only dependable, but efficient as well.

HVAC Units are the Respiratory System for Your Business — Make Sure a Certified Electrician Keeps It Breathing Easy

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of your business is vital to keeping your staff and customers comfortable and happy. The Honest Electrician can make sure they’re electrically set up and operating properly so you never have to worry about losing this important part of your business’ body.

Refrigeration Units are All that Stands Between You and Costly Spoilage — Safeguard Your Valuable Products with a Reliable Electrician

The Honest Electrician can setup the electricity for your refrigeration unit in a way that safeguards all the valuable products you store in it. Losing the electricity to your refrigeration unit can costs thousands of dollars in spoilt products and lost business, so don’t take any chances when considering its electrical needs.

Keep Your Customers and Employees Cool in the Summer Heat with an Expertly Set Up Air Conditioning System from The Honest Electrician

Nothing decreases employee morale and productivity more than stifling heat. Instead of focusing on their jobs they’re focused on how uncomfortable and sleepy they are. Customers won’t want to spend too long or too much money in a boiling space either. Have The Honest Electrician take care of your air conditioning and breathe a comfortable sigh of relief next time we’re hit with a heat wave.

The Honest Electrician Can Install and Execute Lighting Control Systems that Make Life Easier and Cheaper for Your Business

An intelligent and properly installed lighting control system can save your company tons of money in the form of lower electricity bills. The Honest Electrician can install and set one up that addresses all your lighting needs in a user-friendly way that’s easy for employees to use.

Have The Honest Electrician Set Up Your Boiler System so It Provides Exactly What You Need

The Honest Electrician can make sure your boiler system is electrically sound and free of any issues. As one of the most important parts of your business, a well-functioning boiler system is crucial to keeping things running smoothly.

(Commercial Wiring & Upgrades)

Are you a Building Contractor Offering Clients Warranties? Make Sure the Electrical Work Doesn’t Cost You Warranty Payouts

If you’re a contractor doing construction of new homes or business complexes, then you need to know that the subcontracted work is done properly to eliminate payouts for warranty issues. With Honest Electrician, you can relax knowing the staff are qualified, licensed professionals doing every job right per the Canadian Electrical Code.

Your Business is Growing and you Need to Add More Space or Equipment – Avoid Business Interruption with Properly Installed Electrical Components

Business growth can mean more production space or additions of new equipment. Both scenarios may require upgraded electrical wiring to handle the expanded floor space or heavier electrical demand. Qualified electricians can help you assess the needs and upgrade your work space accordingly to avoid work delays.

(Electrical Service Upgrades)

Certified Electricians Will Install the Proper Sized Breaker Panel for your Business or Company – Use Several Appliances and Equipment Without Interruption

With the installation of a properly sized electrical panel and breakers, you can work in your shop or office without interruption. Use all of your appliances at the same time without tripping a breaker, and allow your staff to use all of their tools without a loss of power interrupting production. Let us help you assess your electrical needs.

The Honest Electrician Will Increase the Electrical Capacity for Your Office so You Can Expand at the Same Rate of Your Business

Don’t let your office’s electrical capacity hinder the expansion of your burgeoning business. When a company grows it usually needs more employees to meet the increased demands being placed upon it, and The Honest Electrician can make sure there’s enough electrical capacity to accommodate the new tools or equipment they need.

Do the Switch from Fuse Panels to Breaker Panels – Gain Peace of Mind and Convenience with a Safer Panel

For all service upgrades Honest Electrician techs are qualified to upgrade old fuse panels to breaker panels for 100-amp, 200-amp, or 400-amp. We can help you determine which level of panel is required for your business or commercial project. Eliminate the inconvenience of needing a specific sized fuse only to find your contractor has the wrong one, causing you to lose time and money in the middle of a project.

(Electrical Service Calls)

Use a Certified Master Electrician to Get the Job Done Right the First Time — Whatever It May Be

When you need electrical service work for your company or business trust our Certified Master Electrician to get the job done right the first time. With more than 30 years of combined experience spanning numerous commercial industries, The Honest Electrician can provide fast and reliable electrical service for any job you need.

(Renewable Energy)

An Energy Efficiency Audit from The Honest Electrician Can Save Your Company Thousands

A simple energy efficiency audit from The Honest Electrician can result in thousands of dollars being saved for your company. Whether it be upgrading your lights to more efficient and durable LED ones, or installing a lighting control system that drastically reduces your electricity consumption, The Honest Electrician can find numerous ways to cut your electric bill.

Encourage Your Employees and Customers to Use Electric Vehicles with a Charging Station

The Honest Electrician can install and set up an electric vehicle charging station at your business. Not only will it show your clients that you care about the environment, it will also help encourage your employees to go green. With more and more people concerned about being environmentally conscious, show them your company is too.

The Honest Electrician is Skilled in Large-Scale Photovoltaic (Solar) Installations

If your company or business is looking to add a renewable energy source to its power supply The Honest Electrician can help. With extensive experience installing large-scale photovoltaic installations, The Honest Electrician is a leader in the renewable energy field. From microinverters to smart systems that track the solar power generated from the panels, The Honest Electrician has what you need for the next wave of energy.