Efficiency & Conservation Are Essential For Our Children & Their Future

  • LED Lighting 85-90% more efficient then Incandescent light bulbs. No mercury like CFL bulbs. Longer lasting, more dependable, brighter, less waste and dimmable
  • Dimmer switches to save an additional 25-30% on electricity costs, various styles and various types to dim the LED drivers and LED bulbs
  • Power bars to turn off electronics while sleeping or away on holidays. Lowers electricity costs by removing the ghost electrical loads of electronics. Power bars have built in surge protection and overload protection
  • 24 Hour programmable timers for outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and Christmas lighting
  • Timers for engine block heaters. Engine blocks only need 3 hours of heat not 12 hours
  • Motion detector switches for people that forget to turn off light switches
  • Programmable thermostats to reduce heating costs of the home and office
  • Lowering temperatures on hot water tanks or switching to on demand hot water. On demand hot water conserves water and energy by heating only what you use and prevents heat loss from normal hot water tanks
  • Sealing off receptacles and switches on exterior walls with a gasket to reduce heat loss
  • Spray foam insulation for higher heat retention and better vapour barrier protection to reduce heat loss
  • Better quality windows, triple pain with Argon gas to reduce heat loss and heating costs
  • New weather stripping on exterior doors to reduce heat loss and cold drafts
  • Photovoltaic Arrays to produce your own electricity, reducing your carbon footprint, lowering your electrical bill and helping Alberta to become a greener province
  • Energy Auditing to help with becoming a greener home or office

Photovoltaic Systems

PV Systems require less maintenance then wind turbines.


Maintenance Free PV

PV Systems only require snow removal & washing 2-3 times a year when really dusty.


Professional Installation

PV Systems look esthetically pleasing and very eye catching with their straight black lines and beautiful architecture. 

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