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Access Provincial Funding& Save Thousands on Residential Solar Installations

The Government of Alberta is currently incentivizing its citizens to go green and be eco-friendly with a wide array of rebates. Our partnership with Blue Pond Solar makes us a certified solar provider in the province of Alberta, allowing you to reap the benefits of the NDP’s current Residential Solar Program. You could save thousands on the installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for your home, and we can help make it happen.

Upgrade to Durable LED Lighting which is at Least 80% More Efficient Than Incandescent Bulbs

By upgrading to LED lighting you’ll save money in the long run by using substantially less electricity to light whichever space you put them in. An added bonus of upgrading to LED light bulbs is their extended life and durability. The United States Department of Energy estimates by 2030 LED Lighting has the potential to save 190 terawatt hours of electricity, which equals an astonishing $15 billion.

Save 25-30% on Electricity Costs by Installing Dimmer Switches

In the old days dimmer switches didn’t reduce the amount of energy used by a lightbulb, they merely converted the light into heat by adding resistance to the circuit. Those days are long gone. Now dimmer switches use something called a TRIAC switch which alternates the supply from on to offso fast that the bulb’s flickering is unnoticeable to the human eye. This leads to a significant reduction in the amount of electricity needed to power light bulbs when the dimmer is set at a lower level, saving you money.

Save Money & Electricity by Using Power Bars to Turn Off Electronics While Sleeping or Away on Holidays

The Honest Electrician can expertly configure your home entertainment system or computer area with safe and efficient power bars that make it easy to shut everything down. Going away on holidays for a few weeks? No need to draw unnecessary electricity for devices that won’t be used over the duration of your trip. You’ll be saving money and helping the environment at the same time.

We Can Install Timers for Outdoor Lighting or Christmas Lights Which Will Save You Money

Christmas lights are truly magical. But do they really need to be on during the hours of 1-7 a.m.? And do outdoor lights need to be on when the sun is doing a fine job illuminating our slice of earth? No, and no. The Honest Electrician can install timers for your outdoor or Christmas lights, so you can save money and be more eco-friendly.

Have a Forgetful Family Member? Use Motion Detection Switches to Cut Energy Costs & Usage

We all know an absent-minded professor in our lives and we usually share a home with one. Help them cut down on the energy and electricity usage in your house by having The Honest Electrician install motion detection switches that turn on lights when someone enters a room. It’ll save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

The Honest Electrician Can Install Programmable Thermostats to Reduce the Heating Costs of Your Home or Business

If you know there won’t be anyone home or at your business for specific periods of time during a day it makes no sense to heat the space comfortably. You’re just wasting electricity and money. The Honest Electrician can install programmable thermostats that lower the energy costs and usage for those times when no one’s around.

Waste Less Water &Save Money with an On-Demand Hot Water Tank

The Honest Electrician can install an on-demand hot water tank in your home or business. The units can cut your water heating energy costs by 10-15% and reduce the overall consumption of water because there’s no waiting for it to heat up. The Honest Electrician can also lower the temperature of existing hot water tanks, as most manufacturers set them higher than necessary. This procedure results in lower standby losses (heat lost from water sitting around when it’s not in use) and lower consumption. The United States Department of Energy estimates lowering the temperature of your hot water tank can save you upwards of $400 a year.

  • LED Lighting 85-90% more efficient then Incandescent light bulbs
  • Dimmer switches to save an additional 25-30% on electricity costs
  • Power bars to turn off electronics while sleeping or away on holidays
  • Timers for outdoor lighting or Christmas lighting
  • Timers for vehicle block heaters
  • Motion detector switches for people that forget to turn off light switches
  • Programmable thermostats to reduce heating costs of the home and office
  • Lowering temperatures on hot water tanks or switching to on demand hot water
  • Sealing off receptacles and switches on exterior walls to reduce heat loss
  • Spray foam insulation for higher heat retention and better vapour barrier to reduce heat loss
  • Better quality windows, triple pain with Argon gas to reduce heat loss and heating costs
  • New weather stripping on doors to reduce heat loss
  • Solar Power or Photovoltaic Arrays to produce your own electricity, reducing your carbon footprint, reducing your electrical bill and helping Alberta to become a greener province
  • Energy Auditing to help with becoming a greener home or office

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