Information for Customers on Coronavirus Impact


As the news about the Coronavirus continues to develop, we would like to communicate with you regarding this important issue.

Coronavirus Update: We care about your health and continue to service our customers safely 

The health, safety, and well-being of our employees and our customers is always our priority, and we recognize the important role we play in providing electrical services to our community. We are actively monitoring the COVID-19/Coronavirus situation and taking steps to help keep our communities safe. We wanted to share with you some steps we are taking.

Protecting our employees and customers

As our employees interact with customers and the general public, we have taken steps to limit exposure to the virus. Our electricians are stockpiled with hand sanitizer and heavily use it in between customer visits and also wear the face mask during the visit. In addition, we are also ensuring in-house and out in the field a proper distance to prevent the spread.

Assisting our employees

We are in continuous communication with our employees reminding them about the importance of good hygiene, providing them with health education and support whenever needed. Employees who feel ill have been told to not report to work and communication procedures in place should an employee be diagnosed with COVID-19.

What we ask of you

Our expectation from you, our customer, is that you inform us immediately if someone in your home becomes sick. If you feel you need to cancel your service appointment due to illness, please let us know, and rest assured that we will welcome you back when you are ready.

We encourage anyone with questions or concerns on this issue to contact our office directly.

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