Commercial Case Studies

With Over 35 Years of Combined Commercial Experience The Honest Electrician Can Be Counted on for Your Next Project

Commercial Case Study: The Honest Electrician Helped Mountain Mercato in Canmore Stop Experiencing Power Interruptions While Using Their Induction Hot Plates

The specialty food market and café were constantly tripping their main breaker anytime they used their induction hot plates for cooking, which caused everything in the store to come to a standstill. Fed up with the problem, Mountain Mercato called The Honest Electrician to see if he could help. The Honest Electrician immediately recognized the issue; a previously installed 120/208VAC three-phase power system had been poorly balanced. The Honest Electrician spent two hours taking various readings, then moved some breakers around to better balance the system. Mountain Mercato hasn’t tripped their main breaker while using induction hot plates ever since.

Commercial Case Study: The Honest Electrician Used His Troubleshooting & Diagnostic Expertise to Help 18 Wheel Logistics Get Their Forklifts Back Up & Running

18 Wheel Logistics operates warehouses and transportation services across western North America. The company hired an electrician to do the wiring for their forklift battery charger at their Calgary location, but when they turned it on it blew up. 18 Wheel Logistics then called The Honest Electrician for help. The Honest Electrician used his troubleshooting and diagnosis expertise to find the main problem, with the previous workmanship and battery charger being the main culprits. The battery charger had been wired to an incorrect voltage, so The Honest Electrician did a megger test on the windings, changed the taps to the proper voltage, and installed a properly sized disconnect per the Canadian Electrical Code. Once done the battery charger worked without any further issues, and 18 Wheel Logistics has been a client ever since.

Commercial Case Study: The Honest Electrician Helped Cedars Deli in Ogden Reach Their Full Potential by Providing Commercial Electric Upgrades

Cedars Deli is one of the fastest-growing donair, shawarma, and Mediterranean food franchises in Calgary. Their new location in Ogden required extensive electrical upgrades, so Cedars Deli called The Honest Electrician to get the job done. The Honest Electrician completed the commercial renovation by changing the electrical wiring so it could accommodate several new kitchen appliances, an HVAC unit, cooler and freezer units, an air conditioning unit, and baseboards throughout its office space. Cedars Deli hasn’t had any electrical issues since The Honest Electricians work, which was completed on time and on budget.