Honest Electrician

Calgary and Canmore home and business owners trust the knowledge and experience of The Honest Electrician.

Renewable Energy with Direct Current Power Systems

The Honest Electrician is proud to be trained and certified in the design, construction and installation of renewable energy sources, including:

  • Solar panel systems
  • Wind turbine systems
  • Grid connected systems
  • UPS grid connected systems
  • 100% off-grid systems

Reduce emissions—and your energy bill—while increasing your property’s value. If you’re a business owner, renewable energy sources are a way to take advantage of tax benefits and project an eco-friendly image for your company.

Lighting the Way with LED

Aside from educating people on the importance of energy-efficient electricity and natural gas, The Honest Electrician promotes LED technology for residential, commercial and industrial light fixtures. LED lighting is 90% more efficient than conventional light bulbs, so you’re saving the environment and your bank account!